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About company

Our school was founded in 2018. When my friends and I began consistently earning bonus hunting we started thinking about how we could apply our skills to increase our income. Income is limited and it is very difficult to earn more than a certain amount. We began to teach bonus-hunting to our friends who were seeing our success and they wanted to learn these skills. We allocated money for work on our own, taking away an overwhelming percentage and working while maintaining our income. We began earning twice our income. People were studying and at the same time they were earning money with us. Somehow the number of people wishing to study with us began to increase every month. Accordingly, more and more money was required for training. That's why we decided to create a school.

Now the registration for training begins in advance, accepting investments allows us to increase the number of students, since our money is not enough for everyone.
To train a group of 20 people it’s needed $ 50 000 each. For 20 people this is equal to $ 1,000,000.

We need more investments to train more students and increase our earnings.
Therefore, we have an affiliate program. For each person you invite we return you 7% of his contribution.

We can train up to 10 groups in a year but we don’t have the necessary amount of money to train so many groups. We offer favorable conditions for our investors and look forward to the comprehensive development of our school.


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