About us

Our school was founded in 2018. When my friends and I began consistently earning bonus hunting we started thinking about how we could
apply our skills to increase our income. Income is limited and it is very difficult to earn more than a certain amount. We began to teach
bonus-hunting to our friends who were seeing our success and they wanted to learn these skills.
We allocated money for work on our own, taking away an overwhelming percentage and working while maintaining our income. We began
earning twice our income. People were studying and at the same time they were earning money with us. Somehow the number of
people wishing to study with us began to increase every month. Accordingly, more and more money was required for training.
That's why we decided to create a school.

All investor contributions are distributed among students with whom our teachers are engaged. Students are taught bonus hunting, they
work with investors’ money and earn a profit, which is distributed between the investors and the school.
In our school we have three stages of training. In order to begin a certain stage, the student needs a working deposit.
Each stage requires a different amount:

  • Stage 1 - Start training and basic course: $ 2,000;
  • Stage 2 - Advanced course: $ 25,000;
  • Stage 3 - Master course: $ 50,000

You can invest in one or another stage of student's education receiving passive income for this. The time of the deposit and your income
directly depends on the stage in which you invest.

In our school we have an individual approach of learning for each student. Therefore, one person can master the stage faster while
another will take more time. The money of each investor joins the student’s work, respectively, the time of the deposit and it's income will
depend on the student who has your money and how much time it will take him to master a certain stage of training.

We accept contributions only when a group starts his training or when students move from one stage to another. If there are no new
groups of students and we have already enough funds to educate those students who are already studying with us the company will not
be able to accept your deposits.

You can find out about the arrival of new groups and the acceptance of investments in new stages of training on the official website of the
company in the "News" section.