For partners

The very first group of students was formed from our friends and
acquaintances who have seen what we do and how we earn.
When the first comers appeared, we decided to try to educate them,
give them the money to manage and the training. We multiplied our
capital. After we earned several times more from the first group of
students we realized that this would have become the way to
increase our capital through a bonus hunter. Indeed each of us who
is engaged can earn only a limited amount and students can increase
this amount in three.`

After the successful training of our friends, their friends and acquaintances began to contact us. Now there are more than 200 people who
want to learn this topic. We accept investments on favorable terms for investors. At the same time, we regularly allocate our own funds
for the work of our students.

We and our students are living in the best countries and hotels, traveling everywhere in the world.
We arrange training courses every time in new countries, working for 4-5 hours a day. At the end of the course, our students have
capital of $ 15,000. Which they multiply on their own for themselves.

At the end we are all satisfied. Like the bookmakers that give these bonuses.
Studying the course, you will understand that sometimes part of the money, quite large, can remain with the bookmaker.

In fact we lose our money to one bookmaker and win several times more from another bookmaker. In the end other bookmakers lose
because their players lose making them losing their money. The earnings of bookmakers is the commission for betting and losing players.
As long as there are players there will be bonuses to attract new players.

This work will exist until the betting companies will be banned worldwide, which is impossible. Sports betting has existed since the
sport itself appeared.