Hello dear investors!
If we want to slow the spread of the virus, everyone must implement appropriate social distancing in accordance with state and territory laws.
National Cabinet agreed to new and enhanced social distance measures, building on the existing measures that are in place.
National Cabinet confirmed and clarified the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) advice regarding the requirements of previously announced measures, in particular those related to non-essential gatherings and outdoor gatherings.
From 11.59pm (local time) 25 March 2020 any events are prohibited in Australia.
The Bonus hunter school leaves for quarantine until April 30, 2020. Further terms for resuming work or quarantine extension will be posted on the website in the News section.

Curfew is imposed in Australia. Training is not allowed at this time.  Therefore, offline training is terminated.

In quarantine days, entry into the territory of Australia from the countries of Southeast Asia is prohibited.  The chief accountant was detained by the Australian Migration Service and was deported.

Some of our students couldn't come on training  at the second and third levels.  Concerning on this, We decided to postpone training for an indefinite period.

Not all school staff were able to fly to Australia, so we can't close deposits during quarantine time. 

Please, don't write letters to our mail. We can not decide of deposit closing without the participation of the relevant school officials.
Follow the news on the site to get more information.
Best regards, Bonus Hunter School